Success at Medieval Times

It’s been a busy few weeks. Despite that, though, this is what success looks like: I was a little disappointed that our knight wouldn’t really stand up for a picture with us, but… Continue reading

Weddings and Babies

I’ve been slow with the wedding report. Sorry. School’s started up again, so my posts will be a little further apart than they have been. The good thing about this, though, is that… Continue reading

A Taste of Failure (Part 2)

After Thursday’s failures, I strengthened my resolve and decided to be more proactive in my approach. When I woke up, the stars seems aligned – I ran a solid few miles, guzzled some… Continue reading

A Taste of Failure (Part 1)

I didn’t speak with anybody. The conference was different than I expected. This isn’t to say that I’m not responsible for not meeting my goal or that someone should have gone out of… Continue reading

Moving Forward

As with any undertaking, one must first take a step forward. For me, progressing with my decision to socialize was piqued by a few occurrences. Despite excelling at hockey (which I play twice… Continue reading

Why I’m Here

I’m bad at talking to people. Simply put, I choke up. My stomach twists, my palms sweat, and my mouth dries before I have the chance to reach out to someone, say hello,… Continue reading